Why Buy A Microwave Convection Oven?

Convection oven cooking times – A microwave convection oven, as it’s name implies, combines microwave and convection oven in heating and cooking food. Microwave radiation heats up the inside of the food while heating elements and a fan help circulate the heat outside the food and brown the top of the food. This browning effect is unattainable in a standard microwave oven. Often, food products heated inside the microwave oven come out soggy or steamed and most times affects the crispiness of some food products.

Convection oven cooking times – The microwave oven that uses convection cooking contains halogen bulbs which produces infrared or IR radiation. The IR radiation produced by the lamps is the ones responsible for heating and browning the top of the food. It also heats up the air around the food and, with the aid of a fan to circulate the air, helps in heating up the food faster and more efficiently.

Convection oven cooking times – Much like a regular oven that uses convection, baking can also be done in this type of oven. Unlike the standard microwave, the convection microwave could be preheated to a desired temperature that will be suited for baking. Due to the convection characteristic of this type of microwave, the baked product will also produce a crisp outside like those baked in a regular oven.

This type of microwave though consumes more electricity. It is also a bit pricier than a conventional microwave. But, it is more practical than using a large oven especially if one only needs to heat up or cook small food items. The microwave convection oven could also easily fit on a counter top or cabin

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