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Stanley Furniture For Diversity Of Styles And Finishes

Stanley home office furniture – If you are ready to select furniture for your home or home office, it’s hard to imagine that you wouldn’t relish the idea of finding everything you need (and in virtually any style) under one roof.
Do you plan to use modern furniture in one area and more transitionally-styled pieces in another, for an eclectic look? You don’t have to look any further than the gorgeous collections offered by Stanley Furniture, which also include traditional and cottage style options.
Stanley home office furniture – While you are at it, be sure to check out the manufacturer’s equally exciting line of furniture for children and young people from the Stanley Furniture Young America collection.
Having been in the home remodeling and design industries for many years, I have to say that one of my very favorite styles could best be described as ‘eclectic’, which is another way of saying a mixture of different styles that work well together. Or, the melding of complementary items, colors, materials and styles that form something new and unique.
You might wonder how this applies to furniture and how one might achieve an eclectic motif in his or her home or office space. Believe it or not, it is possible to combine one style with another to come up with a dreamy end result.
How about combining the Stanley Furniture Classic Portfolio Bedroom Upholstered Bed from its transitional series with an Avalon Heights Flip Flop Table?
Or, what about its Louis Louis Elliots Wing Man Bed matched with either more traditional bedding and window covers, or even clean, contemporary bed linens and draperies, simple, clean-lined lamp shades and hardwood floors with area rugs that also have simple patterns. Now that’s enough to get one’s creative juices going!
A designing homeowner could even combine the Avalon Heights Dresser in dark woodtone finish from the contemporary collection with either of the beds mentioned above. About this beautiful dresser, the manufacturer states, “Offering six drawers in all, the design is sure to fulfill all your storage needs. The dresser also exemplifies the singular beauty of the projecting frieze front, a signature look for Avalon Heights.”
There is simply no end to the possibilities. The most important thing is that the combination of pieces be pleasing to the eye of the homeowner.
Stanley home office furniture – Stanley Furniture offers accessories in several styles as well, allowing for a myriad of combinations. Now that’s exciting!
I always appreciate combining very modern furniture elements with clean, yet striking accessories in fresh colors. Then it’s time to throw a piece or two in another style into the mix just for the fun of it. My personal choice is a piece or pieces with a Japanese motif. This can come in the form of accessories, lighting, rugs or whatever one wishes.

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