Rhodiola – New Benefits From an Old Herb

Rhodiola health benefits – Rhodiola rosea is an herb that has only been introduced in the U.S. for a few years considering that Russia and European countries have used it for many years. It’s benefits were made more clear after the Cold War was over and information from Russia was more widely circulated about this herb that was routinely given to the KGB to help them deal with stress. It is now packaged and marketed as an herb that has many benefits and the interest in determining more benefits of using Rhodiola are being pursued by additional studies that continue to be conducted. Here some currently known health benefits of using Rhodiola.

Rhodiola health benefits – As mentioned earlier, the Russians have long used the herb for general use as a stress reliever for jobs within their government that caused high stress. Members of the KGB were given the herb to help them handle the heavy stress that their jobs obviously caused. Another common use for the herb is for extreme fatigue. Usually stress and fatigue are related and Rhodiola is helpful in combating both. A new study conducted in 2009 found that those who took the herb found significant relief from fatigue that was stress-related.
Depression as well seems to respond very positively to Rhodiola and many people have seen good results from taking the herb to lessen the symptoms of depression. Related issues of unstable emotions and sleeplessness seemed to respond to this natural health alternative. A study showed that adults who took 680 mg. of the herb saw an obvious improvement in their mild to moderate depression symptoms.
There were no known side effects established and Rhodiola seems to be quite benign as far as negative health effects are concerned. Other significant health benefits to using this herb include improvement in memory and attention span, improvement in cardiovascular function and it may help combat cancer. All the benefits are not yet totally known since studies continue to be ongoing regarding this impressive Russian herb.

Rhodiola health benefits – Even though there are many other uses for the plant, stress relief and depression are two of the main issues that respond well to the herb. You can find it in health foods stores in different forms such as capsules, tea, and homeopathic extract. For best use, read the suggested dosage on the packaging information. Studies have indicated that there is benefits in taking from 340 mg. to 690 mg. If you aren’t sure about how much to use, you can always ask an alternative health care professional as well. There are many benefits to using Rhodiola that are just becoming apparent to those who value alternative health care.

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