MyReviewsNow Online Shopping Looks At The Kenmore Airline Brand Of Appliances Available From Sears

Kenmore airline – MyReviewsNow online shopping is pleased to review the Kenmore line of appliances. Kenmore appliances have been top of the line since 1927, and they can be found at Sears stores, Orchard Supply Hardware and K-mart. Right now they’re offering 15% off all appliances and free standard delivery on orders over $399.00, as well as convenient online shopping.

Among the ranges, ovens and cooktops on offer at Kenmore is a lovely Elite Electric Freestanding range for $1742.49. This space aged looking range has a 6.1 cubic feet oven and dual convection oven that uses two fans and a warming drawer. The range also has a ceramic glass cooktop. Another new range is Kenmore’s Elite Gas Double Oven Freestanding range with a stainless steel top. This range might be more comfortable for some people who can’t quite get the hang of the cooktops because it has old fashioned burners which can be high powered for quick boiling or lowered for simmering. The two ovens can cook at different temperatures. This model goes for $1954.99. These and other items can be bought through Kenmore’s online shopping, though the customer should check to see if the appliance can be delivered.

Among Kenmore appliances, their refrigerators are famous for efficiency and beauty. Myreviewsnow was especially taken with the Kenmore Elite 17.6 cubic foot refrigerator, with its double “French” doors that were roomy enough to hold at least three one gallon jugs of milk and many half-gallon containers of other drinks. It has bins to hold many fruits and vegetables, as well as a bottom freezer. This fridge has a water dispenser in the door and an icemaker that produces ice that looks more like cubes than the traditional crescents. Why? Because people prefer cubes. The Elite was rated quite highly by most customers. It sells for $2507.49. Kenmore offers a variety of refrigerators with bottom freezers, but even though bottom freezers are sexy, top freezers are more efficient. For folks who are really old fashioned, a perfectly lovely fridge with a top freezer is the Kenmore 11.0 cubic foot top-freezer refrigerator, which can be ordered through online shopping and costs only $441.99.

Kenmore airline , Kenmore’s freezers can be chests or uprights that look very much like refrigerators. These are perfect if the customer buys meats, frozen vegetables, ice cream or other frozen foods in bulk. Kenmore’s chest freezers are deep, roomy and no longer look like coffins. Their 14.8 cubic foot chest freezer for $429.24 is available for next day delivery, depending on location. The uprights are simple and elegant, without the bells and whistles of the refrigerators. The 6.5 cubic foot upright freezer goes for only $280.49.


Kenmore has a wide selection of washers, including front load washers, top load washers, and high efficiency washers. They even sold coin-operated washers, but that page is no more. Still, myreviewsnow couldn’t help but think that a coin operated washer would be an interesting appliance to have in a home! The front load washers include the very sleek 3.6 cubic foot front-load washing machine with steam that goes for $799.89, has a maximum spin of 1200 revolutions per minute, is stackable with its dryer and comes in an interesting ginger color.

Kenmore airline , Dryers for sale include the 7.3 cubic foot electric dryer for $968.99, which also comes in the “ginger” color. It has an express dry and small load cycles and is stackable. It even comes with a rack to dry shoes and sweaters without tumbling them, and so avoids warping or shrinking them. It also has a sensor that allows it to calibrate the amount of heat needed to dry an item.

Other Kenmore appliances are cooktops, dishwashers, garbage disposal units, microwaves, dryers, air purifiers and A/C units, dehumidifiers and humidifiers, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, and appliances that heat and treat water. Visit MyReviewsNow Department Stores Today!


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