King Size Platform Beds – Is it the Right Platform Bed Size For You?

As a personal owner of king size platform beds, I can testify that it’s the best purchase I ever made. These kinds of platform beds give you the feeling of royalty and an excellent choice in comfort. Obviously the bed is the most important furniture in your bedroom. It creates a focal point and everyone eyes is drawn directly into it when you walk in the bedroom.

Owning king size platform beds can provide the perfect visualization and look that you might want in a bedroom. It not only provides a stunning look but the comfort they provide is even better than you can imagine. A king size bed actually does not take much more space than you think. When you decide to make that purchase, understand some of these tips.

Choose a particular style you like in king size platform beds. Make sure it matches your dressers, night stands, and other furniture in the room. Take particular attention to decorations and ensure it coordinates well with the rest of the décor. Most platform beds have a very low profile and should be taken into consideration. The profile is lower because of the fact that a box spring is not required. A lower profile bed can cause the proportions to be quite off. You can easily offset this buy having a platform bed with higher size headboard and place wall decorations around it. For example, place a picture above the bed and have a flower vase on your night stand. This can create the proportional balance for you.

Platform beds do not only come in king size. You can purchase a queen size platform bed. If you are single and still want the space than a queen size might be a good option. I never suggest couples to own a queen size platform bed. Although some may disagree, having space and room for each other is very beneficial.

King size platform beds can create a perfected look in anyone’s bedroom décor. These beds come in variety of different color finishes and materials. These stylish beds come in all different shapes and sizes and depending on what store, low discounted prices. Don’t just limit your platform bed to only wood. Venture into different types of materials like metal. Metal beds can offer you the same type of quality that can last a lifetime. The latest designs of the platform beds are great examples of modern designed bedroom furniture.

Firstly, I only discussed the look of your king size platform beds. Besides all that we have to take into account your comfort level. Since you spend nearly half your lifetime on your back, it makes very sense that you at the minimum be satisfied with your sleep. You should always set aside 6-8 hours of sleep a day. Please do not sacrifice your quality of sleep because you wanted an attractive king size platform bed. There are much more important things in life and your health should not be set aside. Sure the platform bed is attractive in your bedroom, but is it worth jeopardizing your health?

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