Girly Me Glitter Wall Paint – Creating A Beautiful Bedroom For Your Little Girl

If you have a little girl, making a cozy bedroom is the most important thing you should do. Girls want a special place that she loves to go. Girls need a room to be a place that she can go and escape to. By creating a comfortable and beautiful bedroom for your little girl, you will give her the gift of creative freedom. Currently, there are many ways to create a comfortable and beautiful bedroom for your daughter. But now, there is a popular and simple way to apply that missing element to a boring room.

A fun new trend is adding a glittery topcoat over a wall quite similar to nail polish. Before you begin to redecorate the walls of your bedroom think about adding a pop of Bling to sparkle up her space. Glitter wall paint is great way to show your love.

There are a few brands of glitter paint that you can find on the market. Some in which you add granules to. However, if you are looking for an easy non toxic product safe for your daughter, Girly Me glitter wall paint is the only option.

Girly Me is an online company that have sold their glitter paint to more than 44 States as well as Canada, UK & Australia.

Girly Me Glitter Wall Paint is easily applied with a roller as you would regular paint.

You can choose from Bling to Fairy Dust & a glittery iridescent finish will appear. Do not hesitate! Girly Me #1 Original Non Toxic Glitter Wall Paint Est. 2010. Non Toxic Glitter Wall Paint which means no toxic solvents. So, you can rest assure that your daughter can breathe easily without inhaling toxic emissions. In addition, Girly Me Non Toxic Glitter Wall Paint is safe for pregnant women and newborns.
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