Dago Gil Music

Dago Gil is one of the very few new rappers out there who know how to tell compelling stories. This is a real man who has something to say about the world. Dago tells stories and struggles from the perspective of the real problems that are not capable of telling convincing many rappers today. Yes, issues like poor relations, violence, drugs, and being the underdog has been touched before, but do it in such a way Dago Gil tangible that cannot be denied that this emcee understand the world in a broader sense than your regular college kid.

At first listen, Dago Gil is one of the easiest people to listen, voice and personality does not require heating up, it’s just smooth like beats and the words flow into your head. Production on the album incredible to say the least, every song is different, which is what I love best album. You have a slow burner, but Dago Gil also showing signs of aggressive wordplay with tracks featuring the rough and rugged beats such as Freestyle No Shameā€¯, which just goes to show how raw lyrics Dago Gil is a true emcee.

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