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Ferguson plumbing supply – There are many prestigious plumbing supply companies in the world, but probably none of them as prestigious as Ferguson. By its complete title Ferguson Enterprises Inc., this company deals with anything you can think of in terms of plumbing, from heating and cooking equipment to pipes of all kinds, this company has a resounding name on the profile market.

Ferguson plumbing supply – This company was founded in 1953 and now has more than three hundred work points throughout the entire world. It is one of the most profitable companies in the world, the sales number for last year for instance being of almost ten billion dollars. It also has some activity in other fields as well, such as the environmental one, the cultural one and not only. It is also one of the main sponsors of the Habitat for Humanity project, a project which aims to build homes for those who don’t have the financial possibilities to build one for themselves on their own.

There are different products Ferguson Enterprises works with, products manufactured by other resounding names on the plumbing supply market, such as Masco or Lasco. It aims to provide only high quality products for clients all over the world and their prices are also more than attractive. Having such goals, it has had known more and more success, now being present in all the major showrooms and stores working with plumbing supplies throughout the world.

Ferguson plumbing supply – When it comes to plumbing supplies, it is not necessary for a company to have an impressive history. What counts more is the quality of the products the company supplies and the seriousness it shows in the relationship with the clients out there. So, if you are ever looking for high quality plumbing supplies, Ferguson is one of the names you should be considering.

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